Goose Liver And Cucumber Jelly

I remember as a child the St Martin´s Day , eleventh of eleventh, was one of my favorid holidays, especially because of the see of colourfull paper lanterns processing through the night. And being allowd to stay up so long, of cause.
Today i didn´t spot even one procession, witch made me a bit sad. But my nephew building and lighting up a lantern with me yesterday and eating the Martinigans (St. Martin´s Goose) with us today made amends.
If you never heard about this day or this Martin guy, you should totally check it out. I´ll still have to research on a good english link.
Martin was a roman soldier – later monk, who is known for sharing his rope with a poor man in a freezing cold night, cutting it in two with his sword.
The telling goes, that Martin went hiding in a goose stall, when the message came to him, that he has been announced bishop. There is the goose connection.
I´m not religious, but this day is about humbleness and sharing. That´s pretty, isn´t it?
I love to carry on traditions and change them according to our needs and experiences in time. They are marking points of our existence, of beginnings and endings – the appreciation and celebration of the annual circuit.

This is the appetizer i created with my sister today for the traditional St. Martin´s goose.
It´s basically made of the goose liver and cucumber.
And such a show off.
I minced 2 1/2 small field cucumbers in the mixer and filtrated the cucumber juice through a cotton cloth.
Added some dissolved gelatin ti the filtrated juice and some slices of ginger. Then let it sit in the fridge for one hour.
We cut the left over half of the cucumber into ice water in slices (lovely effect when it curls up).
Than we flambé the liver in butter and cognac. Wow, what an effect!
A little bit of balsamic vinegar on each plate and a slice of the fresh cucumber, the warm liver and the cucumber jelly each.
Little salted cubes of tomato to finish and make it look even more important. Now, tell me that´s not gorgeous…talking about humbleness 😉

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