Sous-Vide Steak

Hi you greedy foodies!
Tonight i decided to give a chance to the slightly bewierding idea of the sous-vide cooking, a method in witch you cook food in a vacuumed sealed bag under low heat (under 100°C, never boiling) in order to keep as much juiciness inside of the food. I must say that the result was sooo extra juicy and soft that this will be my way to steak from now on.
I am pretty well equipped for the sous-vide method, but you can do it with simple home-equippment as well, as David Seitz shows.

Well, actually i am perfectly equipped to produce the vacuum and David has a proper thermometer, witch i compensated with a ski-cap over the pot keeping the heat on the right level (water from my tub was 60°C), adding a cup of boiling water every 10  minutes for one hour. In this way i did´t eaven need the stove!

After one hour in the warm water i took out the already marinated (salt, pepper, coriander, chili, fennel, fresh green pepper, brown sugar) filet and roster it in a hot pen with a splash of olive oil for 30 seconds on each side. Perfect!

A year ago i invested in a La.Va vacuum-machiene. Totally worth it, especially if you cook a lot and grow your own vegetable, that you then can freeze in the vacuum-bags!
Here a little video of my Mr. Lava Lava in action: 




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