Local Fish With A Caribbean Touch

I got some bio fish today and wanted to prepare it in a less traditional way.
This is what i came up with: A fried fish with a sweet, milky rice along with spicy sauce and a salted mango.

Here is what you need:
1 char filet per person (or any other sweet water fish)
1 egg
100g  of breadcrumbs from the asian store (they are much lighter and have a longish form)
Oil or feet for deep frying
1 cup of rice per person
50g dried mango (i cut them with scissors)
100 ml coconut milk per person
a hand full of coconut chips
(sweet-spicy sauce and a mango if you like)

Preparing the rice:

Zutaten Reis

Fry the Coriander in some oil – for example coconut oil, but you can take any oil instead – in a pot. Add the mango and coco chips.
now add the washed basmati rice an boil it with the double amount of water.
As soon as the water is vaporized, add the coconut milk and take off the oven.

Preparing the fish:

Zutaten Fisch

Break the spices in a mortar. Cut the filets into 4-5 slices and rub the spices into them. Pull the fish peaces first through the egg, then bread them with the asian bread crumbs. Fry them in a deep frying pen till they are golden.
You can serve this dish with any spicy or sweet sauce. I had it with a salted and peppered mango. You really should try that!

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