Spicy Lamb Tartar With Snowflake Toast

DSC_0490 DSC_0475 DSC_0472

Who likes Beef Tartar will love this juicy lamb version!
Of cause you can have it less spicy but Lamb and Chili just love each other.
When it comes to meat i would always suggest you get some from the biological store of from a local butcher you trust. It makes a hell of a difference.

For 4 Portions:
500g lamb leg or rack, free from any sinews
1 Chili
1TS of fresh, chopped mint
1TS of fresh, chopped tarragon
1 TS of olive oil
juice of half an orange
1TS Dijon mustard (or Löwensenf if you can get some)
See salt and Cayenne pepper to season

Chop The meat with a sharp knife till it has the consistence you like. I myself prefer it not to be too fine and still with some nice bits in it. Others like it more creamy and fine. you could also let the butcher put half through the mincer and do the other half by hand. Chop also the herbs and mix everything  with clean hands in a bowl. season to taste with the salt, pepper and mustard.
I served it with a sour cream, mustard, tarragon dip and an fresh bio egg yolk with saffron on top.
For the snowflake toast just use a Christmas cookie cutter and cut out the forms you like from toast bread. Toast them and serve with some salted butter.

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