Caramel Garnish For Your Desserts

This simple caramel garnish is really easier done then one might think and it will make your deserts look so sexy and and present your sweets on a new level.

I tried various instructions (with vinegar and malt, butter, brushing off sugar crystals from the pots wall, blabla…) to come to the point that the most simple receipt for this elegant garnish is the one that gives you the shiniest, gorgeous result.

There is just two important things to follow:

  • boiling sugar is really, really hot (about 160°C) Don´t get it on your skin and get the kids and animals out of the kitchen.
  • don´t stir at all while melting down the sugar. This does the trick to not have the sugar crystalizing again after melting down (thats so annoying and you would have to add water and start the process from the beginning).

Here is what you need for about 50 garnishes. I never did this many, but it´s easyer if you have a bit of material to try and work with.

  • Patience. But you will get quicker and better each time.
  • 250g sugar
  • about 6 table soons of water, just enough to get all the sugar wet
  • the end of a cookie press or some other round, long form
    But basically once the caramel has got the right consistence you can wind it around pretty much anything of plastic, metal, stone  you can imagine. Just not your finger, please.

Put the sugar in a pot with a heavy ground and gently add the water, just so the sugar is wet. You can stir it gently if needed, but you want to avoid the sugar to get stuck to the walls of the pot and burn. Now put the pot on medium heat on the flame for 15 Minutes. Don´t stir, don´t move, don´t worry.
Take down the pot from the oven, but leave a small flame burning (or low heat on your electric stove).
it will take few minutes till the caramel cools down tho the temperature you need it to have for still being band-able enough to whip it around your form, but hardening quick then.
Play a bit with the mass. Take a table spoon and watch how fast it flows if you drip it in a thin line. if the caramel is still to hot it will run fast and would not lay on your form, but drop down.
When the right consistence is reached, whip the thin line running down from the spoon around your form in a constant speed. It will need few tries till you will get a satisfying result, but once you fond your speed it´s so much fun.
I always work with scissors to cut the ends of. you can immediately take down the garnish from your form, it is hard within a second.
Work close to your stove, because if the caramel cools down to much, so that you can´t bend and whip it anymore, you can just heat it up for 30 seconds again. The caramel will get darker each time you do that, but from my experience you can do this 6-8 times, without the result being to dark or tasting burned. So you can easily work for one hour on your garnish if you want to.
Sadly you can´t store them for a long time, because the sugar sucks the humidity in the air and starts dripping away after about one hour.

DSC_0277 DSC_0256 DSC_0251
Have fun with this one and send me your unbelievably professional looking desserts with angels hair as a garnish.

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