My Tom Kha Kai

OK, this is really the fastest soup you can make with intense flavors and creamy taste.

It´s not really a Tom Kha Kai, since there is no Tom Kha (Thai Ginger) paste in it, but it works with normal ginger for me.
The shopping takes far longer then preparing it, but once you know were to get lemon grass and fresh Udon noodles you are good to go.
I found everything in Merkur Market (Austria), apart of the fresh noodles, that i got at feinkoch. But you could take rice noodles instead.
If you want this dish vegetarian just exchange the chicken with tofu and the chicken stock with vegetable stock.

For 4 portions:

400 ml chicken stock (one glass)
400 ml coconut milk (one can)
one chicken filet
small bunch of fresh coriander
small bunch of mint
1-2 spring onions
some fresh mushrooms (i took Shitake)
one chilli
a 2 cm peace of ginger
half a lime
cashew nuts

Chop up everything (ginger very thin) . Put it in a big pot (apart of noodels and nuts) with the coconut and stock. add the juice of half a lime and some salt. Boil with medium heat for 10 minutes. take pot of the flame and add the noodles and nuts. Done.
It´s so super fast, we had it for lunch today. And if i wouldn´t have taken pictures it would have been done in 15 Minutes 😉


schale nah  tkg tkg2


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