Peggy’s authentic Borscht

Ui, this was good. Takes 2,5 hours but it´s totally worth it.
My grandmother and my father used to make polish Borscht when i was a kid.
The other day an armenian friend made it for us in Vienna. And it was exactly how i remembered it.
You should definitely try, now that it gets more cold outside.
And here is the recipe for you out there:

500g beef shank with bones
3 red beets
2 withe onions
2-3 potatos
500g carrots
1 table spoon of whole black pepper
1 bunch of parsley
1-2 Chilies
tomato concentrate paste
sour cream

Cut the beef from the bones as good as possible. Chop the onions. Put the meat, the bones, the onions, chili and the black peppercorns in a large pot and grill fore some minutes (steering) till the onions are glassy. Add about 2 liters of cold water with salt and let boil on low flame till the meat is tender. This will take about 2 hours. Take a walk in the autumn and when you are back home dinner will be almost ready!
Add the chopped carrots, red beet and potatoes and let boil for another 15 minutes.
then add the tomato paste and more salt if necessary.

Serve with parsley and sour cream!






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