Tafelspitz in Frischkäsesauce und Bratkartoffeln mit Cocktailsauce

This very tender meat is a long boiled filet peace from the beef.
You can serve it with potatoes, spinach and everything else that you like along with meat.
in restaurants it is served as a delicacy and here you will see how easy it actually can be to do it home.
The meat has to boil very long, but the actual time you will need to spend in the kitchen is no longer then 30 minutes.

For 1 Kg filet beef meat with the crust you´ll need:
1 liter of beef stock (buy it ready at the biological shop to save time)
salt, pepper
1 Kg of potatoes, olive oil, rosemary

Fry the salted and peppered meat first one minute on the crust side, then all the other sides. Add the stock and let it boil gently for 2,5 hours.
(Do whatever you want in the meantime ;-))
Add the potatoes to the pot and boil for another 10 minutes. Now you can put off the flame and just leave the meat in the pot, so that it stays warm till you want to take it out, cut and serve it.
Take out the potatoes, cut them into wedges and grill them in the oven with some olive oil, salt and rosemary at 180 C° for another 10-12 minutes till they are golden.

Fot the cream cheese sauce:
take a small pot and fill in about 250ml of the already used stock into it. slowly bring to boil  while steering with:
2 table spoons of flower
2 table spoons of cream cheese

For the coctailsauce put in the mixer:
3 egg yolks
2 table spoons of honey
2 table spoons of sherry or cognac
2 table spoons of extra vergine olive oil (or a nut oil)
Juice of half a lemon
a bit of lemon cest







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